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What We Do

Soundboard support

When you just need someone to listen.  A complete and neutral confidante not, involved with your concerns outside your normal environment.  Quite often when trying to create order in your thoughts it helps to have another person repeat your thoughts out loud.  This is not a counselling service.

Here’s a list of common reasons people use soundboard support:

  • Relationship problems
  • Work environment situations
  • Carrying guilt
  • Problem solving
  • Beginning new projects

The first consultation can take up to an hour, appointments thereafter are just checking in. Appointment times typically run in fifteen minute to half hour blocks. The choice is completely up to you on how you structure your sound boarding sessions.

Price: Between $35 to $120 per session


Reiki is the art of hands on healing.  Reiki treats the entire body and leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and de-stressed.  Reiki supports your body and increases its own ability to heal.

Here’s a list of common reasons people use reiki

  • Relaxation
  • Life and work balance
  • Clearing a busy mind
  • Dealing with family problems
  • Relationship issues
  • Stress management
  • Decision making such as a career change
  • Grief

Reiki helps bring the mind and body into a state of balance and relaxation.
Treatment takes 45 minutes to 1 hour

Price: Between $55 to $75 per session


Contact therapy works with the body’s natural defence system and treats surprise impact to the skeletal structure. A flinch locked bone is a heavier denser bone that the body carries after a surprise impact.  A flinch lock complaint develops after an injury, due to the body compensating for that heavier bone. The flinch lock shifts your natural centre of gravity. The result, the body creates a false centre to carry the weight.

To release a flinch lock, the body is supported and cradled by the practitioner, the trapped pressure is then released and the body is left feeling lighter with no weight and then starts to unwind from being locked.

  • Headaches / migraines
  • Breathing disorders
  • Sports injuries
  • Old unresolved injuries
  • Coordination problems
  • Cranial tension
  • Depression from chest impacts

Contact therapy is acceptance of what is “this will create the foundation for change.”
Treatment times 25 minutes to 45 minutes. Initial consultations typically take 45 minutes.

Price: Between $55 to $75 per session

Who We Are

Hi my name is Rowana. I grew up in a very modest or some might say chaotic environment in Taranaki. I have spent a number of years in the international logistics industry developing business and managing people. I certainly understand and appreciate the pressures of deadlines, work life balance and producing results. I have always had an interest in natural remedies and modalities on my life journey, and I first studied Reiki as a way to help with stress in my own life.

My reiki journey began in 2009 with Denise Allen from Caring Palms, and I completed a first degree reiki course to help with managing stress. Caring for myself and sharing reiki with others grew into many enlightening and rewarding experiences. I decided to complete my second degree practioners course in 2014. I am continually developing my therapeutic interest. In 2016 I completed a year study with Dale Speedy from Contact care.

I believe everyone has their own story or cross to bear, and every day is a gift.

I am registered with the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners accreditation board Incorporated and adhere to their code of practice and ethics.

Powerful Experience

“The experience was very powerful. I felt incredible energy and saw many different colours while being worked on. I went to get relief from back pain. It’s yet to be determined if that will happen. A lot factors involved with physical pain”


Work stress

“Going to a soundboard session with Rowana was great. “I can’t talk to my work colleagues about my insecurities as I am in a position of authority. I just needed someone to listen while I worked it out.”



“Unlock your body & soul. I have had the pleasure of assistance by Rowana with both soundboard support & contact therapy. With soundboard therapy she helped me understand, solve and resolve communication problems with myself and work colleagues. She amazed me with contact therapy, unlocking and lightening my body from pain. I found both experiences blew my mind and enriched my SOUL.”



“My friend had recommended me to Rowana, I was seeking answers. I was having trouble deciding whether I wanted to be in NZ or back home by my family. After my sessions with Rowana I feel better about my decision and have made some other changes.”


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